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Who's Who

PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2014 4:45 pm
by johanna_mead
Our volunteer staff, as of May 9, 2014. The hyperlinks will take you to their user profiles.

loomborn - Classic era characters
johanna_mead - New era characters

EclecticMuse - Rory Williams and Amy Pond
ktbergeron - Ace
loomborn - The Seventh Doctor
madame_amanda - Martha Smith, nee Jones
penwiper - Liz Shaw, Eldrad, Romana II from "Shada," Movellans, Happiness Patrol officers, and Weeping Angels
Sparky042 - The Eighth Doctor
Renn - Classic-era Sarah Jane Smith, Nyssa, and Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown
Risa - Clara Oswald
The River Delta- River Song
RoseTheBadWolf - Rose Tyler
Trill - Barbara Wright, Donna Noble, Idris, and Osgood