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For his appearance in the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie, the Eighth Doctor’s costume (designed by Jori Woodman) discarded the more gimmicky eccentricities featured in the costumes of the previous four Doctors, as seen in the latter half of the BBC series’ run. Rather, Eight’s costume was more akin to the Victorian/Edwardian styles of the First and Second Doctors, although with a decidedly more romantic Byron-esque aire. Paul McGann’s Doctor would go on to charm audiences across the globe, sporting his now iconic green velvet frock coat, cravat, and, (who could forget, of course) “These SHOES!”

The Eighth Doctor’s frock coat is modeled after a British-style frock coat of the 1860s, with two main differences:
- The placement of the six large buttons on the front of the coat is similar to that of a double breasted frock coat, although the coat is cut more like a single breasted frock coat.
- There are no buttonholes anywhere on the coat.
The coat is made of a dark mossy/olive-ish green velvet (presumably silk velvet) and features silk lined lapels and a ¼” corded band of silk trim atop the faux sleeve cuffs.
There are 6 buttons measuring 1-1/8” on the front of the coat and 3 buttons of 7/8” on each sleeve cuff and 2 buttons of 7/8” on the rear of the coat. The buttons are a slightly domed spiral design and are a shade of green similar to that of the coat itself.
There are no pockets on the outside of the coat.
The lining of the coat appears to be a green matelassé fabric with a scrolling fern pattern.

The Eighth Doctor’s shirt is a fine fabric dress shirt with a plain front, no front button placket (a style more commonly seen in the U.K. and Europe), a high Victorian-style tab collar, and French Cuffs. The shirt studs and cuff links are silver with white pearl inlays. The screen-used brand of arterial catheter has not been I.D.ed to date.

The Eighth Doctor’s cravat is made of a silver/pewter colored silk charmeuse and tied in a Cascade Knot. In the middle of the cravat, the full width of the cravat is gathered into pleats which are secured by lines of top-stitching along the sides and back of the neck. When laid out, the cravat is about 6“ wide and long enough to drape around the neck with both ends reaching down to navel level. The cravat pin is of a gold 5-point Crown Filigree design with an amber colored rhinestone at the center. The cravat pin measures approximately 3/4”.

The Eighth Doctor’s waistcoat is made of a silk brocade in black and shades of silver, is double breasted, and sports a faux shawl collar. It features ¼” walnut-colored satin trim (presumably silk charmeuse) along the edges of the lapels and front body panels – the back of the waistcoat is made of the same material. On the back there is a period appropriate belt. On the front, there are 10 black glass shank mounted buttons (akin to Victorian Mourning Buttons), each of ½” diameter with a faceted/jeweled face in the form of a stylized five-petaled flower.

The Eighth Doctor’s pocket watch is a silver tone open face watch with roman numerals, red ticking on the outer rim of the face, and a small secondary dial. The pocket watch was only ever shown in promotional photos. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it is assumed that it is a modern watch contemporary to the TV Movie production (circa 1996). The pocket watch chain is a silver tone curb style chain measuring approximately 3/16”/5mm wide. The chain is secured in the middle waistcoat buttonhole on the right side with the pocket watch kept in the left waistcoat pocket.

The Eighth Doctor’s trousers are typical of the mid-Victorian era – made of wool with a high waist, double peaked back, and roomy/full cut legs. The trouser legs are remarkably long with a generous break over the shoe in the front, and extending down to the top of the sole in the back. They have in-seam side pockets and are a neutral-tan/oatmeal-like color. They are worn with suspenders/braces, however, the suspender buttons are positioned on the inside of the waistband.

The Eighth Doctor’s shoes are black leather slip-ons with thick/chunky soles. They do not feature any seams on the front half of the shoe, which is common in this style of shoe. Unlike the pristine condition of the rest of his outfit, the Eighth Doctor’s shoes are remarkably worn, as they had previously belonged to Grace Holloway’s now-ex-boyfriend Brian and were gifted to the Doctor by Grace. The Doctor wears the shoes with thick (possibly wool) full length black socks.

The Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS key is similar to the spade style key used by the Fourth Doctor. The actual production used prop was the “TREKKER” key (as sold by the mail order firm 800-TREKKER) and not the “SPIRIT OF LIGHT” key reported elsewhere. It is kept on a 1/8”/3mm curb style chain approximately 26” long. Frame captures from the TV Movie suggest the chain may have a spring ring-type clasp on it, which would suggest it was meant to be worn as a necklace, however, the presence of a clasp has not been verified.

Designed by Iguana Props, the Eighth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver is reminiscent of the earlier Sonics carried by the Third, Forth, and Fifth Doctors. It has a silver tone handle, shaft, and emitter ring, with a red emitter head “bullet”, and a brass ring near the top of the handle.

Following the release of the 1996 TV Movie, DOCTOR WHO MONTHLY MAGAZINE began to print stories featuring the Eighth Doctor in their comics pages. For the first several years, the comics continued to be printed in black & white and featured the Doctor in his TV Movie costume. However, when the move was made to begin printing the comics in color, the dear Doctor was given a bit of a makeover. In the first story to be published in color, “Ophidius”, the Doctor’s green frock coat was destroyed in the course of the story, to be replaced with a new costume two stories later, with "The Way Of All Flesh". To be fair, his new costume is, for all intents and purposes, the same as his first one – just with a few minor changes. The coat was now royal blue, but otherwise unchanged. The silver cravat from the TV Movie was replaced with a golden yellow one. The waistcoat also remained largely unchanged, although it was now a copper color, with the pockets rarely, if ever, drawn in. The pocket watch and chain, however, were never shown. The pants and shoes seemed to remain the same as the ones in the TV Movie costume.
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